Form for applying for a franchise
General features
  1. Thai people, Thai nationality
  2. healthy
  3. Register a legal entity
  4. No credit bureau
  5. investment
  1. Cost of preparation of MOU, health examination, and training 50,000 baht – Franchise fee 250,000 baht – Store opening preparation fee 50,000 baht – License fee Office equipment and supplies 20,000 baht
  2. Security deposit (refunded at the end of the contract and has no binding debts) – Product deposit 380,000 baht – Contract and equipment insurance 300,000 baht – Change reserve 20,000 baht*Investments do not include construction costs. In the case of opening a new store
Apply for a franchise
  • personal information
  • Franchise model
Franchise model information
  1. FC1 - Type 1 franchise for entrepreneurs who want to open a new store. in your area or the area in which you have the right to occupy
  2. FC2 - The second type of franchise for entrepreneurs who want to receive the right to manage a Tops Daily store near you.